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Verizon Cloud Services

Leverage the power of the Verizon Cloud with your VTS conversion!
Through its authorized Verizon Partner Programs, Virtual Tape Storage offers scalable Cloud solutions to provide 24X7 immediate access of legacy information from anywhere in the world.  VTS-archived magnetic media, combined with Verizon Cloud Services, eliminates the need to manage magnetic data tapes on site and reduce tape-based restores as your primary method of data recovery in a disaster.  This results in improved data accessibility of critical information, lower costs, higher RPO's and RTO's, and better efficiency in recovery processes during tests and actual disaster events. 
Verizon Cloud Services provide numerous advantages to VTS customers:
Cloud with confidence!
Security Experts
​Reduce your risk in the cloud with Verizon’s proven security expertise and insight into an average of 500 million security incidents each year.
Scalable Platforms
​Regardless of the workload, Verizon Cloud allows you to expand at a moment’s notice to grow your business with agility while reducing risk.
Designed for Enterprise
Embrace the cloud with enterprise-class performance and the right amount of support and flexibility to help make you more competitive and successful, faster.
Connected and Secure
​In today’s technology-based world, it all starts with the network. And when it comes to networks, Verizon has one of the most reliable and secure networks in the world.