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The Problem: Aging Magnetic Data Tapes & Media
The Solution: Virtual Tape Storage (VTS)
Countless volumes of aging magnetic computer tapes containing valuable and sometimes irreplaceable data are being stored in facilities managed by both industry and government agencies.
Archive physical magnetic tape storage to more efficient, longer
life, and less-costly to maintain file-based storage systems
including RAID, network/corporate storage, and the Cloud.
These magnetic tapes, especially older formats, are deteriorating
with age, creating a real ongoing risk of data loss.
Physical storage space efficiencies of 30,000 to 1 are achievable
with VTS.
Tapes are bulky, requiring large and costly storage facilities and environmental control.
Any tape media type, any data, from any application, from any
operating system can be archived.
Data access to these tapes is also increasingly at risk due to aging equipment becoming difficult and costly to maintain and replace.
Original tape based data and logical formats are unaltered when
archived to file-based tape-images.
Data access is slow and costly, requiring manual interaction, aging equipment and software.
VTS archived tape can be reproduced for future access on the original tape media or more current tape media.
Redundant backup storage for this magnetic tape storage (usually mandated) is very costly.
VTS archived tape data may also be accessed directly from
Security for this physical storage is increasingly costly and
Other aging media, such as removable magnetic disk and optical
disc can be archived.
Labor costs of all aspects of this tape storage, management,
access and security are significant.