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Reduce Costs

Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) generates HUGE savings - save up to $2,000 per tape load!

Managing a media library for any type of media, especially magnetic tape, Is costly.  The experts at Virtual Tape Storage will show you how cost-effective Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) is.
Reduce physical space for media by ratios as great as 30,000:1
Reduce facility costs: size, maintenance, security
Reduce or eliminate the need for expensive environmental controls
Reduce needs for backup power sources
Standalone, "offline" solution - no drain on host computers
Eliminate (or greatly reduce) offsite storage of media
Consolidate or eliminate legacy media
Reduce labor costs for media retrieval and return, loading media, handling and exercising media, offsite delivery, 24/7 access, and more!
Reduce or eliminate maintaining legacy equipment that is well past the manufacturer's stated End of Service Life (EOSL)
Reduce cost of remote backup storage

How much money can be saved?

Storage Strategies NOW (an industry analyst firm) estimates that it “costs an IT department around $2,000 to process and restore a single backup tape”, which does not include the costs to store and maintain the media library.  Although difficult to quantify, and different for every customer, add the cost of lost, irretrievable data occurring on aging media and consider the costs of redundant backups.  Then, multiply these factors by the hundreds and thousands of tapes stored and mounted each year and the costs of maintaining legacy media become astronomical. 
Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) solves the problem of the high cost to maintain legacy media by converting tapes and other media to file-based storage for economical, long-term use.