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Preserve Legacy Data

Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) prevents data loss!

All storage media - magnetic tape, diskettes, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, optical, etc. - lose data over time.  The experts at Virtual Tape Storage will ensure the preservation and integrity of your data.
​​Create exact electronic copies of legacy media for virtual storage
Extend the life of aging data stored on physical tapes and other media
Easily create redundant backups
Effortlessly transfer large libraries of tapes for remote access
Ensure compliance with government regulations - HIPAA, SOX, etc. -
for data retention and access
Archive the "Virtual Tape" images to any file-based storage solution:
      ​- RAID, NAS, Cloud, Hard Drive, Flash Drive, optical media, etc.

How is data lost?

Legacy media, especially magnetic tape, is constantly at risk for data loss.  The older the tapes, the more likely it is that problems will occur, and the same principles apply to tapes in cartridges.  Data loss happens for many reasons:
  - Environmental factors and improper storage cause tapes to deteriorate
  - Ferrous oxide coating can flake or peel
  - Ferrous oxide coating can transfer to layer above
  - Stiction (buildup of ferrous oxide on head of tape drive) causes tape to stick
  - Tape handling and transporting - improper handling damages tape
  - Quality of material used to manufacture the media
  - Condition of equipment used for original recording
  - Condition and maintenance of the equipment used to read the tapes
Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) solves the problem of data loss by converting the tapes to precise tape images on file-based storage.