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Streamline your data storage to one simple, single device

Aging legacy data storage, especially magnetic data tape, containing valuable and sometimes irreplaceable data, faces the unavoidable risk of degradation resulting in data loss.  This vulnerable physical data storage is costly and the data is becoming increasingly difficult to access due to equipment and software at or beyond end of service life (EOSL). 

Our value proposition is the unique ability to transfer and archive aging legacy data storage to file-based systems using our proprietary Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) solutions for valuable data preservation, storage cost efficiencies, and continued, real-time, fast data access.

Virtual Tape Storage is your trusted, essential solution for reliable data distribution and archiving technology to government and commercial sectors for over 30 years.  When your key IT projects involve legacy magnetic data tape and other media, depend on Virtual Tape Storage (VTS) to power your IT support group's ability to preserve the data, reduce your costs, and improve accessibility!
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